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"Bumblebee - A beautiful “Goodbye” or a wonderful “Hello”?" cover photo

Bumblebee - A beautiful “Goodbye” or a wonderful “Hello”?

After five movies and more than four billion dollars at  the box office worldwide, it seems that the Transformers franchise has come to a breaking point. Even though The Last Knight set up the foundation for a future battle with Quintessia and Unicron, we find now that this new autobot’s movie is an origin story for Bumblebee. A movie that sets itself appart from it’s predecesors, not only in continuity, but also in the way it tells it’s story.

Taking a step back in a well cemented franchise is a difficult thing to do, and also a rather risky bet for Paramount studios. Why? Because it’s predecessor, although  it didn’t achieve the commercial success it was expected, was far from a failure: it almost tripled it's budget. So, it is fair to believe that it still has a faithful fandom base. And Bumblebee’s movie seems to take a step to the side -and several more in another direction- to tell it's story.

This will be the first Transformers movie that will not have Michael Bay’s style. The “end of the word” is not presented as something that will happen in the next five minutes if the heroes don’t step up. This rather distant threat serves the purpose of giving us the break needed to explore other sides of the story, taking away some of the overwhelming action that happened in the previous productions and giving that extra time to character and story development. Does that mean there will be no battles? Far from it. Bumblebee will have to face a lot of Decepticons and even the american army and it’s leader, the CeNation Commander-in-Chief, the one and only, JOHN CENA.

There are rumours coming from Paramount pressing the reboot button on the franchise, but it is not clear if this movie is the beginning of said reboot or a beautiful farewell to the story that has been surprising us for the last ten years. Our theaters are waiting for you to watch this amazing last chapter or a brilliant first step.