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"Aquaman - DC starts getting momentum" cover photo

Aquaman - DC starts getting momentum

It took some time to get the formula right. Trial and error. But with each production and reboot, the DC Universe began to grow. After an interesting approach on Justice League and the fan-loved Wonder Woman, the DC Universe set the foundations for it’s future. And Aquaman is it’s next step.

The legendary King of Atlantis had already presented himself in previous movies, but he needed his own production to show his true colors. Because there is a huge difference between this new Aquaman and what old cartoons showed us when we were little. We left behind his vanilla version of a tight-up-man riding a jolly seahorse. This new look has the same spirit of change that made Batman stop making his famous bat-twist and become the Dark Knight. This new Aquaman is an incredibly powerful and charismatic hero, played -as we all know- by Jason Momoa, facing every challenge with the same enthusiasm as the viewers on their seats.

We all know the parallels that exists between Marvel and DC. As Gotham’s bat stands side-by-side with Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man and Henry Cavill’s Superman has it’s soul brother in Chris Evans’s Captain America, the super-hero triumvirate is completed with the King of Atlantis matching up with Chris Hemsworth’s King of Asgard -Thor-. That’s until the story takes a dark turn and we find the true strength of the character. We get seduced by the visual epics and then we get sucked into a great story.

What challenges will this young atlantean face? Which will be the tragedies that will forge his spirit? What enemies will he make just a memory of -albeit a legendary one-? Come to our theater and find out. You won’t be disappointed.