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"Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald - A magical reunion" cover photo

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald - A magical reunion

It would be normal to feel goosebumps while we watch the first take and the music starts. We are coming back to a place that we cannot call “home” just because of the simple formality of not being a place where we actually can live in -even thou we would love to-. We see the landscapes, the skies, the silhouette of a castle that we know it’s actually a wizardry school. We are back, and happy. We are entering again into J. K. Rowling’s Wizarding World. And we don’t want the experience to end.

After an incredible first reléase we’ll be living this new movie as a reunión of sorts. We want to meet again with Newt Scamander, Hufflepuff’s greatest hero to date, and ask him where has he been this last two years. Did he find new and fantastic animals? Did he kept in touch with Tina Goldstein -who we know as Katherine Waterstone in the muggle world-? What happened afterwards with Jacob Kowalski? We want to shower him with questions while sitting in a pub at Diagon Alley. Because even thou Eddie Redmayne is -surely- an interesting person in real life, he doesn’t have a bag full of incredible creatures. So we would rather stay with his alter-ego.

But this wonderfull world -that would most assuredly kept us captivated for hours just with happy stories and landscapes- will show us that nothing is as great as it first looks. Because every fairy tail has it’s monsters and dark sides. Because it’s still up to debate whether Voldemort or Gellert Grindelwald holds the “most powerfull dark wizard of all times”. And thou we have already saw a little bit of Johnny Depp’s Grindelwald action, he is now returning to fulfill his destiny -albeit a dark one-.

Facing him we’ll not only have Newt but also one dearly missed character of this world: Albus Dumbledore. This younger version of Hogwart’s Headmaster will come at behest of Jude Law’s interpretation, who will show us more of his past what ever before. Including it’s relationship with the dark Bulgarian wizard.

Let’s go back to this fantastic world and let’s stay there for at least the incredible two hours that it promises. That little part in every single one of us that wants to believe in magic is begging us to do so.