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"The Girl in the Spider’s Web - Fighting Real Monsters" cover photo

The Girl in the Spider’s Web - Fighting Real Monsters

For a monster’s movie to earn it’s name there are some rules that need to be upheld. The potential victims must be trapped in a difficult -or almost impossible- situation, be it physical or psychological. The creature must have a power relationship with it’s victims, specially being able to take their lives without much difficulty. Violence is always on the verge of happening, while potential victims must run, hide or fulfill certain rules in order for the monster not to take them. All of this rules also apply in a gender violence situation. And that theme cannot be avoided when we talk about a new Millenium saga movie.

The Girl in the Spider’s Web, successor of the famous Girl with the Dragon Tatoo, brings us again into the life of Lisbeth Salander, the heroine who punishes men who abuse women. Whereas the first movie worked better as a character presentation and her drive to pursue justice facing gender violence, The Girl in the Spider’s Web show Lisbeth as a full grown vigilante figure. Add to the mix some espionage and betrayal condiments and we have in our hands a movie gender mixture within action and social theme that entices every member of the audience.  Taking the best parts of movies like Mission Impossible and anyone of the 007’s ones and presenting a strong female lead that it’s not a female Bond or Hunt, is it’s own character. An original proposal that promises to keep audiences at the edge of their seats till the very last moment.

With a renewed cast that adds a new imprint to each character we found a great Claire Foy as Salander, stronger and less “victimized”; with Sverrir Gudnason as Mikael Blomkvist; and Stephen Merchand and Sylvia Hoeks as two key characters for this new story.

Both critics and movie goers have already applauded this new course for the saga. Our halls awaits you to add yourself to the clapping.