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"A Star is Born - The importance of the HOW you tell a story" cover photo

A Star is Born - The importance of the HOW you tell a story

Two artists with opposite background cross their paths. He's a star. She was thinking of giving up on her dream. He is the one who see's her potential and uses his charisma and influence to catapult her to stardom. She starts her path in a career that promises braking every record. They fall in love. And when everything seems to be a dream come true, his internal demons appear and break havoc on their paradise. 

This time, the "he" role is played by Bradley Cooper, and she is Stefani Germanotta, also known as the mega-star Lady Gaga.

Does this formula seem familiar? Many movies -maybe more than enough- have used it the history of modern cinema. At a quick glance one can think that this another run-of-the-mill romantic movie. But boy, will you be completely and utterly wrong...

It's true that when talking about movies, the plot and the interpreters play a major role, but masterpieces not only rely on these factors. Take as an example the Fast and Furious saga and Baby Driver. Both have similar premises, but the end result is so much different that no one could even compare them. The director, the musical score, the art direction and the actors performances -beyond their names- is what truly set the movie "spirit".

So yes, it's true that A Star is Born plot may seem overly used - it's even the third remake of the 1937 movie - but how the story is told is what will even captivate the most sceptical movie goers.

Bradley Cooper makes his directorial debut, but he makes it clear that along his prolific career has learned everything he needs to shine in the big chair. But he doesn't stop there, because his performance as alcoholic-country-star Jackson Maine has been praised by critics as one of his bests. Lady Gaga also surprises us once again with her acting performance, adding her personal touch -acting and music wise- to a movie that we now can't imagine without her. The soundtrack and score, the art direction and the Bradley Cooper's direction also shine on their own, making A Star is Born a clear candidate to take home more than one statue this award season.