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"Venom - The grand opening of a new universe" cover photo

Venom - The grand opening of a new universe

One would think that with the Marvel and Fox acquisition by Disney, we would be in front of a merger between all of our favorite super-heroes cinematic universes (without entering the ever-long debate that is Marvel vs DC). But far from that, we still have the Marvel Cinematic Universe on one side, the X-Men Universe on another side and the Sony's Marvel Cinematic Universe. At least for now (we are keeping our fingers crossed for the future!)

Does this completely discards the possibility of seeing Tom Hardy's Eddie Brock having an exchange with Tom Holland's Peter Parker? Not necessarily given that there are rumors about keeping Venom PG-13 (instead of the original R rating) to make this possible. 

Venom is the beginning of the new SMCU (given that Spider-Man Homecoming was in association with Marvel Studios), composed by more than 900 Marvel characters that Sony owns the cinematic rights to. More characters have already been confirmed, such as Morbius, the vampire that has clashed against Spider-Man in more that one occasion, that will be played by Jared Leto; and there are even rumors that Woody Harrelson will become the second symbiote Carnage in what would be Venom's sequel.

This universe promises to be darker than the traditional MCU. Unlike Spidey, Venom won't have a problem being scary and violent against it's enemies. After all, the symbiote is far from being a hero.

With his role in this movie, Tom Hardy continues to cement his place as one of the new icons in pop culture, after dazzling everyone with his outstanding performances as Bane and Max Rockatansky; and we are sure that we will be praising his performance again.

Venom hits the theaters next week, and we at CMX are eager to join you when the symbiote takes control of our screens.