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"A Simple Favor - Be wary of new friendships" cover photo

A Simple Favor - Be wary of new friendships

We live at a time where our relationships have been redefined. Not only by the different ways we have to interact with each other, such as instant messaging or social platforms where we can share everything we do, but also by the kind of relationships we have. As adults, we still have lifelong friendships, but they don't have the same place in our life as years go by and you start seeing each other less frequently. Moreover, new friendships as adults are much more superficial, since they have less to do with sharing moments, stories and time together like those friends from your childhood.  They are guided by vibes and "feeling". A Simple Favor explores this type of adult friendship: two mothers that meet everyday at their children school and become friends just for the sake of having a good time.

But this movie isn't a comedy revolving around a "bromance" ("womance"?) like I Love You, Man. We know that Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively are more than capable of making us cry of laughter in a story where they become BFFs and face the struggles of being a mom. But A Simple Favor is not a comedy but a mistery-thriller story, where Emily, the character played by Blake Lively, goes missing and nobody seems to know anything. In this movie, you won't be able to identify who are the good guys, the bad, who's a victim and who's a victimizer. With superb performances by Kendrick and Lively, A Simple Favor will keep us at the edge of our seats until the hidden past of the main characters and the truth comes to light. Praised by the critics, you can enjoy A Simple Favor in your favorite CMX.