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"The Nun - Horror based on real locations" cover photo

The Nun - Horror based on real locations

Valac. Ualac. Valu. Volac. Shamosh. The demon’s first description appeared in The Key of Solomon, a gothic grimoire, which origins can be traced at least back to the 1200s. According to ancient books, it presents itself as an angelical kid riding a two-headed dragon. Among it’s powers lies the ability to find hidden treasures and control snakes. But when it finds itself free upon the world, it revels in the corruption of benign beigns, preferably from the Catholic Church -nuns and acolytes-. This information does not come from the movie The Nun but from real texts from the Old Continent. The texts that the terrifying entity from The Conjuring 2 and Anabelle: Creation was inspired upon.

In this new production, we’ll find out more about the origins and first apparitions of the malevolent being played by Bonnie Aarons. The story takes place in the late 50s, where the young novice Sister Irene -Taissa Farmiga- alongside priest Father Burke -Demián Bichir- will have to travel to Romania, to the Cârța Monastery, to investigate a series of strange events that surround the suicide of a young nun.

Erected in the 1200s -curiously a similar date to the aforementioned demonic book- the Cârța Monastery is also a real place in Romania, in the former Transylvania landscape. It has it’s own rich history, both as a stern promoter of European culture near the Constantinople borders, and as a haunted place. Managed by Benedict priests, the legends says that their spirits still roam the old chapel from the time they were casted out of the country by the King of Hungary. The perfect real life setting for a horror movie.

Let’s get inside a new Conjuring chapter that perfectly mixes real historical facts and folklore with the story presented by James Wan during the last 5 movies. If you have seen any of the previous movies you know what you are heading into, even if it is serves no comfort when The Nun makes its terrifying new appearance in the big screen.