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"Ready Player One: to watch over and over again" cover photo

Ready Player One: to watch over and over again

The fact that 80s movie’s culture pops up in one out of four internet images is nothing new. Back to the Future, Blade Runner, Rambo, The Breakfast Club, Beetlejuice. They are all-time classics that either we’ve seen or –unless you have been living under a rock for the past 30 years- at the very least, have heard of. All of these movies, and many more, make an appearance in Ready Player One. An ode to that fantastic world that captivated the members of the so-called Generation X, and now have been brought back by Millenials and Generation Y. This tribute to pop culture cinema icons couldn’t –and shouldn’t- been directed by any other that Steven Spielberg himself.

The story –don’t worry, there are no spoilers ahead that the trailers doesn’t mention- is centered around a near future where the planet is pretty much worn over and humanity’s escape takes the form of Virtual Reality (any resemblance with real life is a pure coincidence) and now every player has a chance to become the master and legal owner of this game if they find the secret Easter Egg hidden inside of it. This generated a revolution in the players that threw themselves to find the secret.

Enter Parzival – digital world- or Wade –in the flesh-. Played by Tye Sheridan and with the help of young Art3mis/Samantha – Olivia Cooke- they will take on a journey plagued with dangers and 80s references.

A movie made to be enjoyed in the big screen more than one time, Ready Player One invites us to discover, in each viewing, it’s hidden surprises and references. And as we enter this colored and fun world we won’t be able to stop reflecting upon the role of technology in our own lifes. A must watch - and watch over again.