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"Pacific Rim: Uprising - Robots, monsters and plot" cover photo

Pacific Rim: Uprising - Robots, monsters and plot

Nowadays the “disaster” genre has found, thanks to technology, it’s final form. Specially the productions that have giant, monstrous, menacing threats. If we go back in time to it’s foundations, with movies like Godzilla or King Kong, we can see productions that depended on a certain degree of compliance from the audience, to fill with imagination the gaps that technology couldn’t get. But now, as we said, the scene is quite different. The scenery, the creatures, the vehicles. We are no longer able to difference between what is real or CGI without the outmost knowledge that these things cannot –and probably- will not ever be real.

These new technologies have worked in favor of creating outstanding visuals, be it creatures, landscapes, giant robots and more. But many productions forget that a good monster movie doesn’t make it just because of how life-like the creature is. It also needs a good background and plot to keep things rolling. That’s what makes Pacific Rim one of the best movies of its kind.

It’s not a remake with outstanding visual effects and superstars. Even thou we cannot deny it’s a “giant robots vs giant monsters from another dimension” kind of movie, we find –starting from its predecessor- a great story with a solid background and character development that makes this saga an instant classic.

This new movie brings the best of the first one and adds –more than obvius- homages to the “mecha” culture. A great combination that will draw the attention of both fans of the genre and newcomers.

Produced by the trending sci-fy fan Guillermo del Toro and directed by Steven DeKnight this movie promises to keep us at the edge of our seats. With the added talents of John Boyega – Star Wars- and Scott Eastwood – Suicide Squad and Fate of the Furious- plus the return of Rinko Kikuchi and Charlie Day, we have a promising cast that will give it’s final touch to a production that already threatens to become a rightful heir of its predecessor.