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"I, Tonya - A great movie for a not-so-great woman" cover photo

I, Tonya - A great movie for a not-so-great woman

What would you be willing to do to reach the top? I, Tonya shows us the story of the answer Tonya Harding had for that question: whatever it takes.

Margot Robbie has an absolutely brilliant performance in her role as the great and brutal ice-skater. It seems that she might have learned a thing or two when she shared the screen with Leonardo Di Caprio in The Wolf of Wall Street about reprising someone who reached the top being praised by their peers and hated by their rivals to then come crashing down because the path that lead them to success was filled with evil resources. She also appeared to have learned a few things more since Robbie is nominated as Best Actress in a Leading Role in this year's Academy Awards. Let's just hope that her Oscar does not elude her as much as it did with Leo... 

Joining Margot Robbie, and as a key part of the plot, is Allison Janney playing the part of Tonya's mother and coach. Her performance was also worthy of an Oscar nomination, in her case for Best Actress in a Supporting Role.

Finally, Sebastian Stan puts aside his metallic arm and Winter Soldier suit to reprise the role of Tonya Harding's brutal husband.

Everyone has to make up their mind and decide if they want to reasearch a little bit about this real story or to be surprised by what this story has in store, but either way, a great time is guaranteed.