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"Jumanji: a masterclass reboot" cover photo

Jumanji: a masterclass reboot

There isn’t a single 90’s kid that wouldn’t associate the word “Jumanji” with the iconical living-room stampede chasing a horrified –but nevertheless funny- Robin Williams. And from the first moment everyone heard rumors of a new Jumanji movie, they had mixed feelings about it: “Would this new movie will be up to its legacy?”, “What’s the deal with the absence of a tabletop game in the script?”, “Will Jack Black and The Rock be up to the challenge of filling legendary Robin William’s shoes?”. The project seemed to have more enemies than allies from the start. But then came the trailers setting everything straight: this is not Jumanji 2, this is a reboot. It’s not for “the 90’s kids”, it’s for today’s kids.

A new story under the same premises is brought to the 21th century: a game that traps it’s players in a fantastic –and dangerous- world. Nowadays kids don’t throw dice, they push buttons. They don’t move up a gameboard, they level up. They don’t have figurines, they have avatars. This change in the way children play games needed to be present in this new story.

But fear not! 90’s kids shouldn’t worry of being cast aside. Far from it, once they set aside the fact that there is not a board game, they’ll be able to enjoy a movie filled with 90’s gags and jokes pointed for more mature audiences. Those classic Easter Eggs that makes adults enjoy taking their kids to the movies. Starting from it’s very name, taken from the eternal Guns ’n Roses hit –Welcome to the Jungle- and taking it as far as Kevin Hart and Jack Black’s classic humour can take us, this movie deliver what it promises: a great time.

We invite everyone who didn’t watch the trailer already to take a little hint of the great experience that awaits them at every movie theater in the country.