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"Star Wars: Dedicated to our princess" cover photo

Star Wars: Dedicated to our princess

The hype for this movie started to build around as soon as Episode's VII credits rolled out. The trailers were the first sign. Each time one of them appeared online, users couldn’t stop themselves from watching them over and over again.  Finally the time has come and Star Wars: The Last Jedi is here.  

What can we say about the story that hasn’t been said already? We’ll have the return of Mark Hamill as his alter-ego Luke SkywalkerDaisy Riddley will master The Force as Rey, with the helping hands of John Boyega (Finn) and Oscar Isaac (Poe Dameron). We'll also be waitching Adam Driver as the easy-to-hate Kylo Ren (a.k.a Ben Solo) following the commands of the mysterious Supreme Leader Snoke (with the brilliant voice talent of Andy Serkis). A prime level cast and characters for a story that promises to be one of the best deliveries of the saga since The Empire Strikes Back.

But this new episode it’s not only about continuing a 40 year old legacy. It’s a homage and a farewell to one of the most beloved cast members: Carrie Fisher. The already legendary Princess Leia Skywalker makes her last appearance and leaves us with a bitter-sweet farewell full of emotions.

At the premiere, one could feel her presence just as if she was coming back as Force ghost herself to join her cast companions. Director Rian Johnson even started his speech by dedicating the night to her. And her daughter, Billie Lourd, one of the Resistance Lieutenants, will keep the Fisher legacy alive in the saga. A legacy that opened the doors for strong female characters in movies, where princesses carry blasters and fight besides more common hero stereo-types. Princesses that, far from needing a prince to rescue them, will grab their chains and use them as a weapon against even the most evil aliens of the galaxy. A legacy that cleared the way for the Sarah Connors and Lieutenant Rippleys of old, and the Daenerys TargaryensFuriosasKatniss Everdeens and, obviously, the Reys of this world.

Critics are already battling themselves to see who gives the best compliment to this new episode. An ideal movie to watch if you are a hardcore veteran of the saga or one of the new generation that dreams of becoming a Jedi.