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"The Disaster Artist: The finale of a 14 year old story arch" cover photo

The Disaster Artist: The finale of a 14 year old story arch

We cannot talk about The Disaster Artist without explaining a little bit of the original movie: The Room.

Have you ever seen something so poorly made that you couldn’t stop liking it? Well, that’s what happens with The Room. If you belong to the select group of people who has watched it, you will agree with this. It makes you think “this HAD to have been made like this on purpose”. The line that divides “genius” from “crazy” is really thin, and the original “movie” –and it’s creator Tommy Wiseau- dance all around it. It had to be on purpose.

Do you have to watch The Room in order to enjoy this movie? Not at all. You will get the idea as the story unravels and as James Franco puts himself in the skin of Tommy Wiseau, this crazy, brilliant (maybe?), excentric actor, director, writer, producer that wants to make the best film of all times and will do EVERYTHING in his power to fail at achieving his goal.

This is the first time we can enjoy the Franco brothers at the same time in a movie. And add Seth Rogen to the mixture, bringing his humor to add up to the Franco’s great performance.

Maybe this is all part of a masterplan that's been unraveling for the past 14 years: the production of the first movie, the movie itself, the book and finally, with everything already in place, the grand finale: The Disaster Artist movie.

And If it wasn’t, then is one hell of a story that everyone should experience.