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"Justice League: A new first step" cover photo

Justice League: A new first step

DC and Marvel. Each company has it’s own story. And we are not talking about Ironman and Batman’s. We are talking about the story -and history- of their movie studios.

On one hand we have Marvel. They found a road that took them to a very successfull cinematic-universe construction, with each movie building up towards the –probable- grand finale of the Infinity War against Thanos.

On the other hand is DC. With their “one step forward, two steps back” modus operandi that made them a little shy with the ambition of their projects. And it’s not a surprise if we watched Suicide Squad or Batman vs Superman. Both of them were expected anxiously and then didn’t perform as expected with the audience and fan base. All of this worked against an orderly world-creation for the company.

But Wonder Woman was a big step in the right direction. And now we have Justice League. One of the most anticipated movies of the year. But, what can we expect from it? In a scenario where everyone wants the culmination –or generation- of a mega-plot that involves multiple movies, the studio pulled the brakes and found a way to start again.

What does the movie have in store for us? Simple: a hero-movie. Explosions, jokes, action, fun. The strength of Gal Gadot; the jaw and raw charisma of Henry CavillBen Afflecks’s new –and improved- attempt of impersonating Gotham’s hooded champion; the super heroic debut  of Ezra Miller and Ray Fisher as Flash and Cyborg; and all of Jason Momoa’s rock’n roll in an Aquaman no-one would make fun of.

DC makes an all-in bet by creating a movie based on it’s HEROES, where the plot is just an excuse for them to interact with each other and present themselves. The “origin movie” for all of it’s rich universe. A new –much needed- first step.