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"Murder in the Orient Express" cover photo

Murder in the Orient Express

Imagine for a moment that you are on a train. But this is not an ordinary train. You are on board of the jewel of international transport of your era. And as you walk down your wagon, you bump into Johnny DeppWillem DafoeMichelle PfeifferDaisy RidleyPenélope Cruz, Derek Jacobi and Josh Gad amongst the passengers. Or, if you prefer to go by some of their famous  alter-egos, you might call them Jack SparrowRey, Catwoman –the Burton one- and Olaf from Frozen –or at least his voice-.

Clearly by finding yourself in that situation you’d know something important is about to happen. It could never be a trip without a good story to share afterwards. And the story that you are about to live is a masterpiece written by no other than Agatha Christie herself. It’s gonna be a hell of a ride.

The last time this mystery found a place in the big screen was in 1974. It’s a comeback that was long overdue. And for some of the stars involved, whose last appearance had been riddled with failure or, worst, indifference, it’s a new opportunity to make a glorious comeback of their own.

Director and main investigator, Kenneth Branagh, is bringing us an interesting proposal, with an art direction that shows how technological advances can work to present an “old time flavor” in it’s prime. Michelle Pfeiffer’s and Johnny Depp’s performances have already been praised by the critics. It’s time for our hands to add up to the clapping.