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"Thor: Ragnarok – Back to basics" cover photo

Thor: Ragnarok – Back to basics

Why do we go to the movies? A question with as many answers as there are movie genres. But one thing that cannot be denied is that we go to the movies to have FUN. And, oh my God, Thor – Ragnarok really delivers.

Gods. Brothers teaming up and fighting each other at the same time. Friendships. A huge spacial and intergalactic colliseum. All of these elements are thrown together in Sakaar under the supervision of the one and only Jeff Goldblum.

Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddlestone reprise their roles as of two of the most beloved and charismatic characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Two faces of the same coin, we cannot think of a Thor movie without Loki showing up. The manipulative and charismatic God of Mischief is always having a little –or legendary- quarrel with it’s honorable and just-as-charismatic brother. Take away every special effect, CGI, explotion, thunder and lightning and we’d still have a great show with just the chemistry between this two great actors.

And we cannot forget about our villain Hela: Thor's older sister, Godess of Death and now enemy of Asgard. Played by the brilliant and all-around actress Cate Blanchett, bringing her own magic to the mettle.

Oh, and did we mention that Mark Ruffalo is in the movie as well, smashing every single thing that gets in it's way as The Hulk?

And let's not forget that this movie is part of an unprecedented cinematic universe, where each of these spectacular movies build up towards what promises to be the greatest finale ever seen: The Infinity Wars against Thanos.

Come and see Thor: Ragnarok, a movie that’s always upfront of what it will deliver: FUN.