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"Star Wars VIII: one trailer and many questions" cover photo

Star Wars VIII: one trailer and many questions

The eighth part of the saga, 40 years later than the first one (“A New Hope”), makes us feel all the sensations a Star Wars fan can feel. The “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” trailer left us very anxious and speculating about all we could watch soon on the big screen. “Light”, “darkness” and “balance” show themselves as the forces able to fight in this new film, and at the end of the trailer, we have a supposed “true” said by Luke that left us speechless: “it’s time for the Jedi to end”. Will that happen?

This new part can’t promise anything else. The saga turns 40 and the cake seems to be left all of us breathless, even when the trailer says “breath, just breath”.

We are all with a lot of questions and very few answers. But we will try to understand a little bit more...

Curiosities about the movie

First is first: we will see Luke Skywalker again. Nevertheless, he looks reluctant to share his wisdom with Rey, who is every day more empowered by her training, and Luke see her “awakening” and her control over the Force, so he just say “create”, what opens new unknowns about Rey’s future.

A sad fact has its revenge in cinema: in spite of Carrie Fisher’s death last December (Leia Organa, the rebel princess), we will see her on the big screen because she have already finished filming her scenes.

There will be connections with the previous delivery: in this new film, the “Star Wars: The Awakening of the Force” heroes will join galactic legends seeking to discover hidden mysteries about the Force and, at the same time, the most well-saved secrets.

Many people considered the title as a “spoiler”. As a matter of fact, director Rian Johnson revealed on Twitter that the trailer could contain many clues. But all of that people can be caught in a trap. We’ll have to wait to see it...

However, we can say the trailer is more ambiguous than a spoiler: darkness seems to reign in this new movie, and we could see that characters decisions will be very important to save their lives, while the Resistance should confront the AT-M6 threats  from the First Order if they want to have a chance to defeat it.

The trailer’s launch had a particularity: it was in the Monday Night Football’s middle-time, and after the teaser publications, the management enabled the presale. This uncommon decision was very successful: the trailer got more than 9 million visits in less than 24 hours.

Even when the trailer reveals (or that’s what we think) many things about the movie, it calls our attention that a lot of characters didn’t appear, as Anch-To, General Hux, Rose, Canto Bight, and very important incorporations such us Laura Dern and Benicio del Toro, people that Canto will meet in Cantonica planet.