Since the day we closed, CMX Cinemas has been working on reopening plans and safety protocols for our theaters. It is our goal to provide you the best picture quality and immersive audio experience you have come to expect from CMX Cinemas. We take these responsibilities very seriously. Therefore, we have been working diligently on safety protocols that will make CMX Cinemas a model, not just for theaters, but for all businesses on how to open responsibly.

We are continuously evaluating local, state, and federal guidelines to ensure we remain leaders in providing a safe, clean, and fun atmosphere for all. We are confident these daily procedures will provide a safe and enjoyable environment that will allow our community to return to the magic of Cinema. As always, we remain committed to our guests, employees, and the local community. We owe you the safest, best experience and look forward to seeing you at the movies.

Masks are required
except when seated

Standard Safety Procedures

These are the standard procedures we are committed to throughout each phase of reopening CMX Cinemas.

  • Wash Your

    All team members must frequently and adequately wash their hands at a minimum of once every hour. Hands must be washed between each change of gloves. We advise all of our guests to frequently and thoroughly wash their hands while refraining from touching their face.

  • Disinfected
    High-Contact Surfaces

    High-contact surfaces - door handles, countertops, faucets, kiosks, railings, etc. must be continuously wiped down with a medical-grade sanitizing agent. We will also maintain nightly deep cleaning of all auditoriums, bathrooms, and high-traffic areas.

  • Safe Social

    All team members and guests must practice and maintain appropriate physical distancing as recommended by the CDC and local health authorities.

  • Remain at home if
    you're sick

    All guests and team members will be screened and must provide a verbal disclosure - they are not sick and have not been in close contact with anyone experiencing signs of sickness.

  • wear proper
    protective equipment

    All team members must wear the required protective equipment and adhere to all CDC recommended standards regarding the use of such equipment at all times.

  • face coverings

    Face masks are required in all areas, except when seated. Social distancing should always be maintained. Face coverings may be removed when eating, drinking, and seated for your movie.

Theater Entrance Screening

Movies Safety Procedures

  • Contactless
    Ticket Purchase

    Contactless Ticket Purchase
  • Healthy Social

    Healthy Social Distancing
  • Enhanced

    Enhanced Sanitation

Food / Concessions


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