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"Mary Poppins - A magical year’s end" cover photo

Mary Poppins - A magical year’s end

This year was marked by tons of transcendental events than will most likely set the course of the next ten years. We are not just talking about our own country, but a a global phenomenon that seemed to bring to the surface the best and the worst in each and every one of us.

Now that we are on the last few days of the year, there is a question that we are all asking ourselves “How was our 2018?” Was it positive or negative? How much did the global events that happened affected us? Obviously everyone will have it’s own wins and losses that will probably determine the answer, but, except for a few cases, if we listen to the media we’ll probably find a negative answer.

That’s why the heavy weights of our year’s end billboard will not be terror or suspense movies. Bumblebee, The Grinch, Aquaman, Spiderman, Wifi-Ralph are all to be enjoyed with friends and family, to surprise us and make us laugh, to have happy endings. And on top of them all we found the return of Mary Poppins.

If there was a year that this magical nanny was meant to comeback it was this one! Inviting us to smile, sing, play, laugh and change our point of view regarding our obligations -that are no longer cleaning up our rooms-.

Let’s enjoy the most talented Emily Blunt picking up the brilliant legacy left by Julie Andrews -who this year has lended her voice to certain legendary sea behemoth in Aquaman- and the incredible appearances of Colin Firth, Meryl Streep and the one and only Dick Van Dyke.

With a spoon full of sugar, this year will end with a song and a smile. Out theaters await for you to live again the magic that this incredible nanny has brought us again.