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"Wifi-Ralph - Rated E for -LITERALLY- Everyone" cover photo

Wifi-Ralph - Rated E for -LITERALLY- Everyone

Marketing professionals constantly debate about how to create the perfect product: one that can be appreciated by children, teens, young people, adults and the elderly -and if they can add “pets” to the list all the better-. To get that kind of generational balance is virtually impossible in 98,3% of the cases -made up stat-. But suddenly we see Wifi-Ralph and the first thing it wrecks is those ideas.

What makes this new movie unique? That it doesn’t matter who is watching, everyone will identify themselves with some aspect of it. Grandparents and their offspring’s offspring. Fathers and sons -mothers and daughters or whatever mix you can conjure-. Couples. Friends. Everyone will feel the jokes are aimed to them. What makes this possible? Mainly their characters: Ralph and Vanellope.

Let’s start by overstating that Ralph represents the old-style -or classic- arcade games, with a worldly vision of a 50 year old give or take -but without the negative traits of that generation-. He finds the digital world both wonderfull and scary. Add this his voice-actor, John C. Reilly, a veteran of teen-like movies with a lovable voice. A great combo for reaching out to both worlds.

On the other side is Vanellope. That childish-but-also-kinda-new-adult spirit that has a personality that everyone could find relatable. She obviously understands and embraces the digital world with more enthusiasm that Ralph -who just wanted to stroll a little bit and then get back home-. In this tandem we have the perfect generational bridge. Plus we have the millennial-wide-loved Sarah Silverman as her voice-actor so it actually cannot miss it’s mark.

Let’s not forget the more-than-cameo appearance of the whole Disney Universe: from princesses to Marvel and Star-Wars. Add a little gag each and every single minute of the show. And we have a cocktail enjoyed by everyone.

That’s why our theaters are open for EVERYONE to come and enjoy a movie that doesn’t leave no-one without it’s fun time.