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"The Predator - A monster’s evolution" cover photo

The Predator - A monster’s evolution

We must begin with a rather obvious clarification: we are not talking about a first step or concept presentation, every single member of the audience knows who the monster is and what it can do. Everybody knows that the moment three small red dots appear on someone’s face, a gory explotion is about to happen. Not a single expectator will not recognize the trademark reptilian clacking of the creature. And we all know that humanity is going to be on the loosing side of this battle. This is a Predator movie.

A lot has changed since Arnold Schwarzenegger and his ultra-macho group ventured into the jungle to face off against the creature. That movie had suspense and horror written all over. The monster could easily take down an all-star team of G.I.Joes like if they were toddlers. Each new ability was a surprise. Each new body filled us with dreadfull expectation to the final showdown.

Even on it’s second movie, with Danny Glover and Gary Busey, we found the added ingredient of the metropolitan scenery: it was no longer in the jungle, it could be right around the corner on our way to work.

But times changed and so the creature had to evolve. The Predator didn’t work as a terrifying monster, it was more like an awesome scifi-y action figure. That's what gave it the possibility to fight against the other great monster from the space in Alien vs Predator (2004) and Alien vs Predator: Requiem (2007).

In this new movie we found a new evolution that promises to bring -at least- a couple of sequels creating a new trilogy that keeps alive this 80s science fiction and horror classic monster.

Our theaters awaits you to find out which new surprises and victims will this evolved Predator bring to the big screen.