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"The Happytime Murders" cover photo

The Happytime Murders

Who among us -adults- can say that he -or she- didn’t enjoy The Muppets when growing up? Kermit, Piggy, Fozzie. As kids, it was a show that we followed with  blind faith along it’s counterpart, Sesame Street. There were some that even took things up a notch and, almost as a sports rivalry, shunned the other show and would not watch what was deemed as “the other one”.

But time passed. We grew up. And we don’t laugh at the same things. Enter The Happytime Murders. Bursting with our favorite stars from today comedic scene like Melissa McCarthy, Elizabeth Banks, Maya Rudolph and Leslie David Baker, the movie also has the legendary puppet-world talents of Bill Barretta - Pepe the King Prawn, Johnny Fiama, Bobo the Bear, Rowlf the Dog, Swedish Chef- and Kevin Clash -the one and only Elmo-.

Mix up all of this with a noir-esque detective plot, where a dark figure begins murdering the “puppets who were stars of an 80s show” and this new production starts shaping up it’s potential to bring us tons of nostalgia and laughter.

We’ll follow former cop with a dark secret past turned private detective -and puppet- Phil Phillips. Police needs his help again so they pair him up with his former partner Detective Connie Edwards -McCarthy- with the objective of bringing the murders to an end and it’s culprit behind bars. They will have to keep their personal problems aside and search the slums of Los Angeles for the mysterious figure before he rounds up his list of victims.

Sex, drugs and puppets. This new visión of our childhood favorite plushies promises to turn every movie outing into a laughter parade. Your seat is wating.