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"Suburbicon: everything is awesome... or is it?" cover photo

Suburbicon: everything is awesome... or is it?

Are you looking for a a reason to watch Suburbicon? Here's one: Matt Damon, that’s not a Team America gag. Over the years, he has played every type of character Hollywood has to offer, always putting that little touch of his own that breaks the cliché of even the most pre-fabricated concepts. You just have to watch him roll away from a explosion in that little bicycle to feel that.

Cool guys don't look at explotions

Do you need another one? It has been written by the Coen brothers. And it’s not something coming out of the blue. They wrote the original script in 1986 and it has waited patiently for director George Clooney to bring it to life.

Looking for a third reason? A fourth? A fifth? Julianne Moore stars as an American-dream housewife in an American-dream neighborhood involved in a not-so-classical mystery-murder-mobster case.

To wrap it all up, we are dealing here with an awesome director, paired up with an awesome script and and an awesome cast. All of them ingredients that won’t assure a great product.

So you be the judge. Is this the birth of a new classic? Something that we’ll be talking for years to come? Or is it gonna be a not-so-warm bowl of every-day soup?

Want a piece of advice? Watch the trailer here and we'll catch you at the box office.